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The resident population in Portugal increased for the third consecutive year
Demographic statistics
The resident population in Portugal increased for the third consecutive year - 2021
31 March 2023


In 2021, the resident population in Portugal was estimated at 10,421,117, representing an increase for the third consecutive year. The crude rate of increase was 0.26% (0.18% in 2020). The population increase registered in 2021 (26,820 more people than in 2020) resulted from the positive crude rate of net migration, of 0.69%, which counterbalanced the negative crude rate of natural increase, of 0.43%.

In the same year, 79,582 live births were born in Portugal, children of mothers residing in the national territory, corresponding to a decrease of 5.9% when compared to 2020.

The mean age of women at childbirth (regardless of the birth order) was 31.8 years (31.6 years in 2020), while the mean age at first childbirth increased to 30.4 years (30.2 years in 2020).

The number of deaths was 124,802, corresponding to an increase of 1.1% when compared to 2020 (123,396); the number of infant deaths was 191, less 15 deaths than in 2020. The infant mortality rate remained at 2.4 deaths per thousand live births.

In Portugal, there were celebrated 29,057 marriages, corresponding to an increase of 53.7% over the previous year (18,902). The mean age at first marriage was 34.3 years for men and 32.9 years for women (34.9 years and 33.4 years, respectively, in 2020).

In this year, 17,279 divorces were decreed, less 0.1% when compared to 2020 (17,295). The mean age at divorce was 48.4 years for men and 46.0 years for women.

Regarding marriage dissolutions due to the death of a spouse, there was an increase of 1.3% compared to 2020 (49,908 marriage dissolutions due to the death of a spouse in 2021 and 49,290 in 2020). Of these, there were 14,414 widowers and 35,494 widows.

For the fifth consecutive year, the number of permanent immigrants (97,119) surpassed the number of permanent emigrants (25,079), leading to a positive net migration of 72,040.

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