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The unemployment rate decreased to 5.7%
Employment statistics
The unemployment rate decreased to 5.7% - 2nd Quarter 2022
10 August 2022


In the 2nd quarter of 2022, the employed population (4,901.8 thousand people) remained practically unchanged from the previous quarter, having increased by 1.9% (91.3 thousand) from one year before.

The share of the employed population who have teleworked, that is, who has worked from home using information and communication technologies was 19.6% (958.6 thousand people), of which 59.9% belonged to the occupational group of Professionals and 75.1% had tertiary education. An employee with an occupation in this occupational group had a probability of being in telework 8.0 percentage points (pp) higher than an employed person with an occupation in the reference group. Likewise, the probability of an employed person with tertiary education being in telework is 11.7 pp higher than for those who have completed, at most, the first and second stages of basic education.

The unemployed population, estimated at 298.8 thousand people, has decreased by 3.1% (9.6 thousand) from the previous quarter and by 13.6% (46.9 thousand) from a year earlier.

The unemployment rate stood at 5.7%, down 0.2 pp from the 1st quarter of 2022 and down 1.0 pp from the 2nd quarter of 2021.

The labour underutilisation covered 600.7 thousand people, having decreased by 2.8% (17.5 thousand) from the previous quarter and by 8.2% (53.5 thousand) from a year before. Similarly, also the labour underutilisation rate (11.2%) has decreased both from the previous quarter (0.3 pp) and from a year earlier (1.1 pp).

The inactive population aged 16 and over (3,604.4 thousand people) has increased by 0.3% (11.3 thousand) from the previous quarter and has decreased by 1.1% (40.7 thousand) from a year earlier.

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