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Passengers' movement close to 2019 levels
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Passengers' movement close to 2019 levels - April 2022
15 June 2022


In April 2022, 4.9 million passengers and 18.3 thousand tonnes of cargo and mail were handled at national airports, corresponding to year-on-year variations of +569.2% and +30.9%, respectively, (+725.1% and +27.0% in March, in the same order). Compared to April 2019, the movement of passengers decreased by 6.5% and the movement of cargo and mail increased by 7.1% (-16.1% and +8.7% in the previous month, respectively).

In April 2022, there was a daily average of 83.8 thousand passengers disembarked at national airports (59.4 thousand in the previous month), approaching that recorded in April 2019 (89.6 thousand).

In the first four months of 2022, the number of passengers increased by 500.3% (-19.4% compared to the same period of 2019), continuing a trend of approaching the levels recorded in the pre-pandemic period. 

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