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Net occupancy rates in tourist accommodation at the same level as november 2019
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Net occupancy rates in tourist accommodation at the same level as november 2019 - November 2022
13 January 2023


In November 2022, the tourist accommodation sector registered 1.7 million guests (+19.7%) and 4.2 million overnight stays (+19.4%) corresponding to EUR 288,6 million of total revenue (+36.8%) and EUR 214.2 million of revenue from accommodation (+40.3%). When compared to the same month in 2019, there were increases of 25.5% in total revenue and 29.2% in revenue from accommodation (+27.0% and +27.8% in October, respectively).

The net bed and the net bedroom occupancy rates in tourism accommodation establishments (35.3% and 45.4%, respectively) were similar to the ones registered in November 2019 (35.2% and 45.6%, in the same order).

In November, the revenue per available room (RevPar) stood at EUR 39.8 and the average daily rate (ADR) amounted to EUR 87.6 (+31.4% and +18.1% when compared to November 2021, respectively). Vis-à-vis November 2019, the RevPar increased by 23.8% and the ADR grew by 24.2%.

In November, among the municipalities with the highest representativity in total overnight stays, Lisboa with a recovery compared to 2019 levels and Albufeira which still showed a decrease in overnight stays compared to 2019, stood out, in both cases mostly due to non-residents. 

In the first eleven months of 2022, total revenue from the tourist accommodation sector grew by 118.2% and revenue from accommodation grew by 120.4% (+16.2% and +17.4%, compared to the same period of 2019, respectively), as a result of 24.9 million guests (+86.6%) and 65.8 million overnight stays (+89.4%).

Considering all means of accommodation (tourist accommodation establishments, camping and holiday camps, and youth hostels), in the first eleven months of 2022, there were 27.2 million guests and 73.1 million overnight stays, corresponding to increases of 83.6% and 83.5%, respectively. When compared with the same period of 2019, the number of overnight stays decreased by 1.3% (+5.2% concerning residents and -4.6% for non-residents).

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