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Regional Statistical Yearbooks - Regional and municipal statistical data
Regional statistical yearbooks
Regional Statistical Yearbooks - Regional and municipal statistical data - 2021
19 December 2022


Statistics Portugal releases the Regional Statistical Yearbooks, which include a wide range of statistical information at regional and municipal levels. From the topics analysed in this press release, it is important to highlight:

Education: in a context of improvement in the transition/completion rate at upper secondary education, in the school year 2020/2021, only three of the 18 municipalities of Área Metopolitana de Lisboa recorded transition/completion rates higher than the national average (91,7%): Alcochete (94.0%), Barreiro (92.5%) and Oeiras (92.0%).

Labour Market: in 2021, the employment rate in predominantly urban areas was higher than the average for the country (56.5% and 55.3%, respectively), and stood below that threshold in medium urban areas (53.6%) and predominantly rural areas (50.0%). According to the Lists of personnel, in 2020 the mean monthly earning of full-time employees with full remuneration was less than 1,000 euros, for 50% of the 308 municipalities.

Construction and Housing: in 2021, 47 municipalities, mostly located in the sub-regions Algarve (14 out of 16 municipalities) and Área Metropolitana de Lisboa (16 out of 18), scored a median price above the national value. The municipality of Lisboa (3 531 €/m2) recorded the highest price in the country.

Political Participation: the autonomous regions of the Açores (63.3%) and Madeira (50.4%) and the Algarve (48.7%) registered the highest abstention rates in the 2022 voting for the Assembly of the Republic. In 28 of the 308 municipalities, abstention rates were higher than 55% and the municipalities of Vila de Rei (31.9%), Guimarães (32.3%) and Sardoal (32.4%) scored the lowest abstention rates.

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