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Census 2021 - Provisional Results
Census 2021 - Provisional Results
16 December 2021


Statistics Portugal releases the Provisional Results of the XVI General Population Census and VI General Housing Census— Census 2021 —, eight months after the census day (19th April), thus bringing forward the announced date in the 2021 Census Action Programme — February 2022. The anticipation of the date of the Provisional Results was possible due to the high response of the population to the Internet mode data collection and the effectiveness of the data processing and validation systems.

The Provisional Results constitute an intermediate stage of the data processing and validation systems. They are the second moment of dissemination of the 2021 Census and allow for a set of statistical results of high interest for population and housing stock knowledge. 

According to the Provisional Results of the 2021 Census, 10,344,802 people were living in Portugal.

Over the last decade, the country's population declined 2.1 % and the distribution of the population across the territory has registered a significant disparity, with a concentration of the population on the coastline and closer to the capital. Population ageing has also worsened, with a significant increase in the elderly and a decline in the youngest population: in 2021, there are 182 older adults per 100 young people.

The foreign population grew by 40 % compared to 2011, registering 555,299 people. 

The population's level of education has increased significantly over the last ten years, with the higher education and secondary and post-secondary education population increasing in number.

The number of people living alone also increased compared to 2011 and the average size of private households decreased.

Regarding the housing stock, Portugal registered a slight growth in the number of buildings and dwellings, although at a much slower rate than in previous decades.

The weighing of main residences increased slightly, compared to secondary ones.

In 2021, 70% of the dwellings are owner-occupied, although this percentage has been decreasing in recent decades while rented dwellings registered an increase of 16% compared to 2011.

The Provisional Results of the 2021 Census provide 17 statistical indicators at the level of the parish geographical area. They are available on the Statistics Portugal portal and on the 2021 Census Dissemination Platform, 

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