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Preliminary results of the Survey on Energy Consumption in Households
Energy Consumption in Households
Preliminary results of the Survey on Energy Consumption in Households - 2020
19 July 2021


The preliminary results of the Survey on Energy Consumption in Households carried out in 2020 (ICESD 2020) allowed an update of information and energy consumption habits in households compared to the last edition of the survey held in 2010.

Total energy consumption was 4,895,423 toe in 2020, with energy consumption in vehicles used for individual transport of households residents representing 45.6% of the total (50.6% in 2010). The global energy consumption by household was 1.146 toe, including consumption in vehicles (1.501 toe in 2010). The total expenditure on energy by household was EUR 1,925, including expenditure in vehicles (EUR 1,843 in 2010).

Electricity remains the main source of energy consumed on households (46.4%; 42.6% in 2010), followed by Biomass, which represented 18.4% (24.2% in 2010 ) of the total. Natural gas consumption accounted for 12.4% (9.0% in 2010).

The use of energy for Cooking continued to have the greatest weight (34.8%; 39.1% in 2010) compared to other final use in households.

In the last decade, the following changes in the energy consumption habits of the Portuguese stand out:

• The average energy consumption by household decreased, despite an increase in global average expenditure;

• The preponderance of electricity as the main source of energy consumed in households continues to increase, however less intensely than in the periods before 2010;

• The share of energy consumption in vehicles in households decreased compared to 2010;

• Biomass consumption continued to decrease and remained the second main energy source; 

• Natural gas increased its importance, and in 2020 it was the third main source of energy in households in terms of consumption, surpassing LPG Cylinders;

• Solar thermal energy consumption almost tripled, despite its small weight in the total;

• The use of Solar Thermal Systems increased in Water heating;

• Diesel oil continued to be the main fuel used in vehicles, and Gasoline reduced its weight.

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