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Good fruit and olive oil campaigns
Agricultural forecasts
Good fruit and olive oil campaigns - October 2021
18 November 2021


Early estimates, on October 31, point to significant increases in production in most fruit crops and olive groves: in pome fruit, the vegetative growth took place in a positive way, with production forecast of 341 thousand tonnes in apple (the second highest since 1986) and 183 thousand tonnes in the pear (+40% compared to the previous campaign); in kiwi, despite the fruit size being smaller than usual, it is estimated that, for the first time, production will reach 50 thousand tonnes; in almonds, is clear the impact that the increase in area (especially with intensive almonds) has on production, which should reach 38 thousand tonnes (the highest production in the last 24 years); in wine production, although some regional heterogeneity, an increase of 5% is expected, vis-à-vis 2020 harvest; finally, in olive groves for oil, and after a less productive year, forecasts point to an unprecedented productivity of more than 3 tonnes per hectare. It should be noted that, in the opposite direction, especially due to the uncontrolled presence of Mycosphaerella maculiformis in many untreated chestnut groves, the chestnuts production should decrease 10%, in a year in which the fruit load could lead to a very productive campaign.

As for annual crops, the tomato for the industry stands out, which, as a result of a historically high unit yield, will once again exceed 1.5 million tonnes. Rice production is also expected to increase (+30%), due to the combination of the increase in area and productivity. In maize, global production (irrigated and rainfed) is expected to reach 716 thousand tonnes (+5% compared to 2020).

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