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Census 2021 - Preliminary Results Release
Census 2021 - Preliminary Results Release
28 July 2021


Today, July 28, Statistics Portugal releases the Preliminary Results of the XVI General Population Census and VI General Housing Census – 2021 Census, less than 4 months after the census day, fulfilling the dissemination strategy foreseen in the Action Programme for the 2021 Census.

The Preliminary Results of the 2021 Census reveal that the resident population in Portugal is 10,347,892. 

In the last decade, the resident population in Portugal declined by 2% and the concentration  along the coastline and around the capital increased. Algarve and Área Metropolitana de Lisboa are the only regions which registered a growth in population and  Alentejo was the region which registered the most significant decrease. 

Portugal recorded a slight growth in the number of residential buildings and dwellings, although at a much slower pace than in previous decades.

The first results of the 2021 Census  are of a preliminary nature,  as they are based on counts from the collection process (buildings, dwellings, households and individuals) and released prior to the final processing and validation of all collected information, which, by providing ease and speed of access, are essentially intended to anticipate user needs. 

The Preliminary Results are available up to the parish geographical level and accessible in the 2021 Census Platform - Preliminary Results, available at

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