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In addition to affecting the levels of tourist activity, pandemic also changed its seasonality
Tourism activity
In addition to affecting the levels of tourist activity, pandemic also changed its seasonality - December 2021
14 February 2022


The tourist accommodation sector registered 1.1 million guests and 2.6 million overnight stays in December 2021, corresponding to increases of 150.0% and 170.4%, respectively (+265.0% and +287.2% in November, in the same order). The levels attained in December 2021 were, however, lower than those observed in December 2019, with reductions of 28.9% in the number of guests and 26.7% in overnight stays. 

In December, the domestic market contributed 1.1 million overnight stays (+92.6%) and the external markets registered 1.5 million (+292.5%). When compared with December 2019, there were decreases of 12.2% in overnight stays from residents and 34.9% from non-residents.

The total revenue registered in the tourist accommodation establishments amounted to EUR 153.2 million and the revenue from accommodation was EUR 108.0 million. When compared with December 2019, total revenue decreased by 25.4% and revenue from accommodation declined by 23.3%. The average revenue per available room (RevPAR) was EUR 21.5 in December (EUR 30.3 in November). The average daily rate (ADR) amounted to EUR 74.4 in December (EUR 74.2 in November). In December 2019, the RevPAR was EUR 27.8 and the ADR amounted to EUR 72.8.

For the year 2021 (preliminary data), tourist accommodation establishments recorded 14.5 million guests and 37.5 million overnight stays, corresponding to increases of 39.4% and 45.2% (-61.6% and 

-63.2% in 2020, respectively). Excluding the 2020 results, one must go back to 2010, when 37.4 million overnight stays were recorded, to find a lower number of overnight stays. 

The pandemic context did not only affect the level of tourist activity, showing a monthly distribution of results different from the characteristic seasonal pattern. In 2021, contrary to usual, it was not the summer months (July to September) but the months from August to October that registered the highest number of overnight stays (49.6% of total overnight stays).

Compared to the same period in 2019, the number of guests decreased by 46.4% and overnight stays declined by 46.6% (-10.9% for residents and -62.0% for non-residents). There were decreases in overnight stays in all regions, compared to 2019, mainly due to reductions in non-residents, however, there were increases in overnight stays of residents in RA Madeira (+19.2%) and Algarve (+5.1%).

Total revenue recorded a growth of 61.2% (-45.7% compared to 2019) to EUR 2.3 billion. Revenue from accommodation stood at EUR 1.8 billion, increasing by 62.8% (-45.8% compared to 2019).

A text box is included in this press release with the analysis of the evolution of overnight stays between 2019 and 2021, by NUTS III regions. Decreases were recorded in all NUTS III regions in this period, more so in AM Lisboa (-58.2%), Médio Tejo (-54.3%), and AM Porto (-52.0%). 

In 2021, considering all means of accommodation (tourist accommodation establishments, camping and holiday camps, and youth hostels), 16.1 million guests and 42.7 million overnight stays were recorded, corresponding to increases of 37.6% and 41.1%, respectively.

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