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Industry Turnover Index declined 2.8%
Business turnover, employment, wage and hours worked indices in industry
Industry Turnover Index declined 2.8% - February 2021
09 April 2021


Industry Turnover Index registered a nominal year-on-year change rate of -2.8% in February (-8.9% in the previous month). Without the Energy grouping, industry sales fell 4.2% (-8.1% in January). The indices for the domestic and non-domestic markets decreased by 2.4% and 3.4% (-5.8% and -13.2% in the previous month, in the same order).
Employment, wages and salaries and hours worked change rates were -2.5%, 0.3% and -11.2%, respectively (-2.7%, -1.7% and -7.1% in January).

Despite the circumstances determined by the pandemic COVID-19, Statistics Portugal calls for the best collaboration by companies, families and public entities in responding to Statistics Portugal’s data requests. The quality of official statistics, particularly its ability to identify the impacts of the pandemic COVID-19, crucially depends on this collaboration, which Statistics Portugal thanks in advance.

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