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Negative perspectives for tourist activity in March 2020
Tourism activity
Flash Estimate - March 2020
Negative perspectives for tourist activity in March 2020
30 April 2020


According to the flash estimate, in March 2020, the tourist accommodation sector should have registered 701.0 thousand guests and 1.9 million overnight stays, corresponding to year-on-year rates of change of -62,1% and -58.5%, respectively (+15.3% and +14.7% in February, in the same order). Overnight stays from residents will have decreased by 56.9% (+26.4% in February) and those from non-residents will have fallen by 59.2% (+9.5% in February).
Through an additional specific questionnaire that, in April, Statistics Portugal conducted and which received responses from about 4,000 establishments, on the perspectives for tourist activity in the coming months until August, 79.2% of respondent tourist accommodation establishments pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic motivated the cancellation of bookings scheduled for the months from March to August 2020 (these establishments represent 91.3% of the capacity of the establishments that responded).

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