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What qualifications are enterprises looking for? Qualifications Needs - 2020
31 July 2020


For the first time, in collaboration with ANQEP and DGEEC, Statistics Portugal promoted a Survey on the Identification of Qualifications Needs in Enterprises (IINQE). The period of electronic response to this survey started, as planned on March 13th, a week before the declaration of the state of emergency, and lasted until the end of June. Although the response rate was relatively high (73.2%), the results obtained should partially reflect the exceptional moment that economic activity has faced.
In the next years (2021-2022) the enterprises intend to recruit 345 584 workers, which will correspond to a gross increase of 10.8% of their employed persons.
About 49.9% of the workers to be recruited should have a non-higher education course (professional), 32.2% a higher education course and for 17.9% no specific qualification level is indicated. These recruitment intentions correspond to gross increases of 17.8% of workers with higher education courses and 9.1% of workers without higher education qualifications.
Despite the context of the pandemic, the non-higher qualifications most indicated by the enterprises were Restaurant/bar employee (9th year + professional certification), Trade technician (12th year + professional certification) and Restaurant/bar technician (12th year + professional certification), corresponding to 9.0%, 6.4% and 5.9% of the total number of workers to be recruited with this level of qualification, respectively.
Otherwise, the most mentioned higher education courses were Computer engineering, computers, telecommunications and information systems; Software engineering and information systems and Sales and commercial management (11.5%, 6.7% and 6.3% of the total workers with higher education qualifications, respectively).
In 2020, around 71% of the qualifications in which enterprises registered recruitment difficulties did not require more than non-higher education (professional) courses, the most mentioned were Bricklayer, Restaurant/bar employee and Facilities electrician. Approximately 27% of the recruitment difficulties identified at the level of higher education, corresponded to the areas of Civil and environmental engineering, Business administration and management and Tourism.

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