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General decrease in all modes of transport of passengers and freight
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General decrease in all modes of transport of passengers and freight - 4th Quarter 2020
09 March 2021


In the 4th quarter of 2020, national airports handled 3.1 million passengers, recording a major decrease compared to the previous quarter (-76.6%; -71.5% in the 3rd Q 2020).
Also in transport of passenger by train and by subway, major decreases were recorded (-42.3% and -54.7% compared to -40.3% and -51.3% in the 3rd Q 2020), with totals of 28.3 and 33.5 million passengers handled, respectively.
Inland waterway passenger transport decreased by 48.4% (-36.8% in the 3rd Q 2020), reaching 2.8 million passengers.
The freight transport by air and by rail registered less pronounced decreases compared to the previous quarter: -26.1% in air transport (-39.0% in the 3rd Q 2020), -3.3% in transport by rail (-5.3% in the 3rd Q). Road freight transport registered a more pronounced decrease (-11.7%; -4.1% in the 3rd Q 2020). Also freight by sea decreased again (-2.1%; +0.2% in the 3rd Q 2020).
Preliminary results for 2020 reveal a general decrease in passenger transport: by air (-69.4%; +6.8% in the previous year), by train (-38.4%; +21.2% in 2019), by subway (-48.0%; +10.5% in 2019) and by inland waterway (-42.7%; +6.7% in the previous year).
In relation to freight transport in 2020, all modes of transport decreased in comparison to the previous year: the air transport registered a reduction of 30.2% (after +12.1% in 2019), the rail -7.6% (-12.0% in 2019), the road -15.0% (-2.2% in 2019) and the sea -6.9% (-5.6% in previous year).
In 2020, in oil pipeline transport there was a decrease of 31.7% compared to the previous year (+2.8% in 2019). Regarding gas transportation by pipeline, there were decreases in both inputs (-3.3%; +6.5% in 2019) and outputs (-3.2%; +7.1% in 2019).

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