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Live births, deaths, and marriages decrease
Vital Statistics
Live births, deaths, and marriages decrease - 2019
27 April 2020


In 2019, there were 86,579 live births of mothers residing in Portugal. This figure represents a decrease of 0.5% (- 441 children) compared to the previous year. 56.8% of live births were born outside marriage, meaning they were the children of unmarried parents.
The total number of deaths of people residing in the national territory was 111,793, representing a decrease of 1.1% (- 1,258 deaths) compared to 2018. 55,824 of all deaths were men and 55,969 women; 85.6% of deaths occurred at ages 65 and over.
Portugal recorded, for the eleventh consecutive year, a negative natural balance (- 25,214).
There were 246 deaths of children under 1 year of age (41 fewer than those recorded in 2018), representing a decrease in the infant mortality rate from 3.3 to 2.8 deaths per thousand live births.
33,272 marriages were celebrated, representing a decrease of 3.9% from 2018 (minus 1,365 weddings were celebrated). In more than half of the marriages held in the country (61.1%), the spouses shared residence before marriage. There were 45,720 marriage dissolutions due to the death of one of the spouses, resulting in 13,281 widowers and 32,439 widows.

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