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Acceleration in tourist activity in February
Tourism activity
Acceleration in tourist activity in February - February 2020
15 April 2020


The tourist accommodation sector registered 1.6 million guests and 3.8 million overnight stays in February 2020, corresponding to year-on-year rates of change of +15.3% and +14.7% respectively (+12.0% and +7.7% in January 2020, in the same order). Overnight stays of residents increased by 26.4% (+11.8% in January) and those of non-residents grew by 9.5% (+5.8% in the preceding month).
In February 2020, the average stay (2.41 nights) decreased by 0.5% (+2.2% concerning residents and +1.2% in the case of non-residents). The net bed occupancy rate (35.1%) increased by 1.6 p.p. (+0.8 p.p. in January).
Total revenue increased by 12.8% (+6.9% in January) attaining EUR 194.3 million. Revenue from accommodation stood at EUR 138.1 million, growing by 15.1% (+8.3% in the preceding month).
The average revenue per available room (RevPAR) increased by 5.5% to EUR 28.3 (+4.0% in the preceding month). The average daily rate (ADR) stood at EUR 66.1, increasing by 3.4% (+2.0% in the preceding month).
In February, when considering the whole set of means of accommodation (tourist accommodation establishments, camping sites, holiday camps, and youth hostels), were registered 1.7 million guests and 4.2 million overnight stays, corresponding to year-on-year growth rates of 15.9% and 15.2% respectively (+12.0% and +8.1% in January, in the same order). The number of overnight stays of residents grew by 26.3% (+12.3% in January) and those of non-residents increased by 10.1% (+6.1% in the preceding month).

These results were influenced by the Carnival celebration period effect which, during the current year, took place in February whereas in the previous year it was celebrated in March. Additionally, another calendar effect must be taken into account given that the month of February had 29 days in 2020, one more compared to February 2019.
Although the information in this press release may already partially reflect the current situation determined by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is possible that the analysed trends may change substantially in the upcoming releases. Despite the circumstances, Statistics Portugal will try to maintain the statistical production and release calendar, although some adjustments might occur associated with the impact of the pandemic in obtaining primary information. For this reason, Statistics Portugal asks for the best collaboration by firms, households, and public entities in answering to Statistics Portugal‘s requests to obtain information, using Internet and telephone as alternative channels to face-to-face contacts. In fact, the quality of official statistics, particularly its ability to identify the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, depends crucially on this collaboration that Statistics Portugal is grateful for in advance.

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