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Tourism trips of the residents maintained upward trend
Tourism Demand of Residents
Tourism trips of the residents maintained upward trend - 3rd Quarter 2019
29 January 2020


In the 3rd quarter 2019, residents in Portugal took a total of 8.7 million trips, corresponding to an increase of 11.0% (+18.0 in the 2ndQ 2019). Tourism trips within the national territory stood for 87.7% of the total (7.6 million), revealing an increase of 8.2%. Tourism trips to foreign countries grew by 36.5%, totaling 1.1 million (12.3% share).
“Leisure, recreation or holidays” was the main reason to travel in the 3rd quarter of 2019 (5.7 million trips, +20.4%), increasing its representativeness in 5.1 percentage points (66.2% of the total, compared to 61.1% in the 3rdQ 2018); led as the main reason for traveling on both domestic and foreign trips, with respectively 64.5% (+4.8 p.p.) and 78.7% (+5.3 p.p.) of trips.
“Hotels and similar” maintained their growth trend, reinforcing their representativeness by 7.0 p.p. (27.4% of overnight stays). “Free private accommodation” was the main accommodation option (56.6% of overnight stays), despite the reduction in their weight in total (-3.9 p.p.).

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