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Non-residents stood for 13.0% of real estate acquisitions
Acquisitions of real estate by non-residents
Non-residents stood for 13.0% of real estate acquisitions - 2018
25 September 2019


In 2018, 8.2% of real estate sales in Portugal were made to non-residents, corresponding to 13.0% of the total sales value (7.7% and 11.5%, respectively, in 2017). The significant increase in real estate sales to non-residents in 2018, 14.5% in number and 22.2% in value, was rather lesser than in 2017, +19.2% and +22.6%, respectively.
In 2018 the average value of real estate sold to non-residents was EUR 171,178, 58% higher than the average value of global transactions (EUR 108,016). This relative difference increased vis-à-vis 2017 (49% in that year).
As in the previous year, residents in France (19.7% of the total value), followed by residents in the United Kingdom (16.9%) were the main buyers of real estate in Portugal. It is worth noting the sales of real estates to residents in China, with a median value (EUR 297.2 thousand) almost six times as much as the median value of global transactions in Portugal (EUR 53 thousand).
More than ¾ in value of acquisitions of real estate by non-residents were located in the regions of Área Metropolitana de Lisboa (39.5%) and Algarve (35.9%). The Área Metropolitana de Lisboa also accounted for the highest average value of acquisitions (EUR 322.5 thousand).

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