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Live births increased but natural growth remained negative
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Live births increased but natural growth remained negative - 2018
29 April 2019


In 2018, there were 87,020 live births of mothers residing in Portugal, which represents an increase of 1.0% (+866 children), when compared to the previous year. Of total live births, 55.9% were born "outside marriage", e.g., children of parents not legally married to each other.
There were 113,000 deaths of residents in national territory, an increase of 3.0% (+3,242 deaths) when compared to 2017. Of total deaths, 56,694 were of men and 56,306 were of women; 85.5% of deaths were of persons aged 65 and over.
Portugal thus had, for the tenth consecutive year, a negative natural growth (-25,980).
There were 281 deaths of children under 1 year of age (+52 than in 2017), close to the value recorded in 2016.
34,637 marriages were celebrated, which represent an increase of 3.0% when compared to the previous year (+1,003 marriages). In more than half of total marriages (59.8%) the spouses already cohabitated. 67.1% of marriages were civil ceremonies and 32.5% were Catholic.


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