Mobility Survey on the Metropolitan Areas of Porto and Lisboa
Residents in the Metropolitan Areas of Porto and Lisboa made on average 2.72 and 2.60 journeys per day, with durations of 22.0 and 24.5 minutes, respectively
27 November 2018


According to the final results of the Survey on Mobility in the Metropolitan Areas of Porto (AMP) and Lisboa (AML), conducted by INE in 2017, no significant differences were identified for mobile population ratios between the two metropolitan areas: 78.9% in AMP and 80.4% in AML.
The largest proportions of the mobile population were identified, in the AMP, in the municipalities of Porto (85.0%) and Matosinhos (83.0%), as well as, in AML, in the municipalities of Amadora (87.7%) and Odivelas (84.6%).
The main reason for travel was the work in both AMP (30.3%) and AML (30.8%), followed by shopping (18.5% and 19.8%, respectively).
The average number of trips/day per mobile person was 2.72 in AMP and 2.60 in AML.
The car was definitely the main means of transport in the metropolitan areas, more strikingly in the AMP (67.6% of the trips) than in the AML (58.9%), considering all days of the week in general. The car occupancy rate was 1.56 in AMP and 1.60 in AML.
The trips made by the residents of AMP and AML lasted on average 22.0 minutes and 24.5 minutes, respectively.
Considering the subset of journeys within the territory of each metropolitan area, on average, the residents of the AMP spent a total of 66.8 minutes per day on journeys in the metropolitan territory, a figure that rose to 72.5 minutes per day in AML.


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