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Mobility Survey on the Metropolitan Areas of Porto and Lisboa
Predominance of the car in the trips of the residents of the Metropolitan Areas of Porto and Lisboa - 2017
02 July 2018


According to the provisional results of the Survey on Mobility in Metropolitan Areas of Porto (MAP) and Lisboa (MAL), carried out by Statistics Portugal in 2017, it is worthy of mention the following:
• The mobile population accounted for 78.9% of the MAP and 80.4% of the MAL;
• The average number of trips/day per mobile person was 2.72 in MAP and 2.60 in MAL;
• The trips made by the MAP and MAL residents lasted on average 21.8 minutes and 24.3 minutes, respectively;
• Intra-municipal trips accounted for 71.0% in MAP and 65.4% in MAL of the total number of trips to and from the respective metropolitan area;
• The main reason for travel was work (30.3% of the total in MAP and 30.8% in MAL);
• The car was the main means of transport in the trips made by residents in metropolitan areas, more noticeably in the MAP (67.6% of the trips) than in the MAL (58.9%), considering every day of the week in general.


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