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Unemployment rate estimated at 7.8%
Employment statistics
Unemployment rate estimated at 7.8% - 4th Quarter 2008
17 February 2009


The unemployment rate estimated for the 4th quarter of 2008 was 7.8%. This value is equal to the observed in the same quarter of 2007 and up 0.1 percentage points (p.p.) from the previous quarter. The number of unemployed was estimated to reach 437.6 thousand individuals, having decreased by 0.4% from the same quarter of the previous year, and increased by 0.9% from the previous quarter. The number of employed decreased by 0.2%, compared with the same quarter of 2007, and by 0.4%, compared with the previous quarter.
The average unemployment rate for 2008 was 7.6%, recording a decrease of 0.4 p.p. when compared with the previous year. The unemployed population reached 427.1 thousand individuals, down 4.8% from the previous year. The employed population recorded an annual increase of 0.5%.

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