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Number of marriages increases and number of divorces decreases; infant mortality rate is the lowest ever
Demographic statistics
Number of marriages increases and number of divorces decreases; infant mortality rate is the lowest ever - 2017
15 November 2018


The demographic situation in Portugal in 2017 continues to be characterized by the decrease of the resident population, despite a slight reduction of mortality, a decrease of emigration and an increase of immigration. The population decline has been occurring since 2010, although it has been attenuated in the last four years.
The number of births was 86,154 (live births), a decrease of 1.1% compared with 2016 (87,126). However, the total fertility rate slightly increased to 1.37 children per woman (1.36 in 2016), slightly improving for the fourth consecutive year. The mean age of women at childbirth was 31.2 years (31.1 in 2016), while the mean age at first childbirth remained the same as in 2016 (29.6 years).
The number of deaths was 109,758, a reduction of 0.7% compared to 2016 (110,573). The number of infant deaths was 229, less 53 deaths than in 2016, the lowest observed in Portugal since there are records. The infant mortality rate decreased to 2.7 deaths per thousand live births (3.2‰ in 2016).
In 2017 there were 33,634 marriages in Portugal, an increase of 3.8% over the previous year (32,399). The mean age at first marriage was 33.2 years for men and 31.6 years for women (32.8 years and 31.3 years, respectively in 2016).
The number of divorces (21,577) decreased 3.4% compared to the previous year. The mean age at divorce was 46.7 years for men and 44.5 years for women.
The number of permanent immigrants who entered Portugal in 2017 was estimated at 36,639, 22.4% more than in 2016 (29,925), and the number of permanent emigrants who left the country was estimated at 31,753, 17.0% less than in 2016 (38,273).
In 2017, 23,320 foreigners acquired Portuguese citizenship, 20.5% lower than in 2016 (29,351): 18,022 citizenship acquisitions were attributed to foreigners residing in Portugal and 5,298 to residents abroad.


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