National accounts
One additional euro of exports generates additional 44 cents of imports and 56 cents of GDP
30 November 2018


This press release presents the Symmetric Input-Output Matrices for the Portuguese economy regarding 2015.
According to the results of this system, each additional euro of expenditure on final demand aggregates generates the following impacts:
• Final Consumption Expenditure of Households: 23 cents of imports and 77 cents of GDP;
• Final Consumption Expenditure of General Government: 10 cents of imports and 90 cents of GDP;
• Gross Fixed Capital Formation: 36 cents of imports and 64 cents of GDP;
• Exports: 44 cents of imports and 56 cents of GDP.
Also, considering the same Input-Output model, a hypothetical uniform 10% decrease, of exports to the United Kingdom, due to Brexit, has a negative impact of 0.26 p.p. on Portuguese GDP, not considering effects on the Portuguese economy due to impacts on other economies, who are also relevant commercial partners of Portugal.

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