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72.5% of self-employed workers in Portugal do not have employees
Labour Force Survey ad hoc module
72.5% of self-employed workers in Portugal do not have employees
15 January 2018


In the 2nd quarter of 2017, the number of self-employed workers in Portugal was 806.2 thousand, which corresponds to 16.9% of total employed population. Of the former, 27.5% performed their activity with employees (this is, as employers) and 72.5% did it without employees (as own-account workers). The following results of the ad hoc module 2017 on self-employment are also relevant:
• More than half of self-employed workers (53.0%) declared having 10 or more clients where none of them had a dominant position.
• Almost two thirds (63.7%) stated that their daily working hours were decided by themselves.
• One third (33.6%) reported as main reason for having this professional status a suitable opportunity that has presented itself and the possibility to work in or to continue the family business.
• 29.5% listed as main difficulties felt during their activity as self-employed the periods without work and the existence of clients that delayed payments or did not pay at all.
• Almost one third (30.6%) work with business partners.
• 57.5% do not plan to hire employees or subcontractors in the next 12 months.
• The self-employed workers have average levels of work satisfaction lower than those of employees, but their job autonomy is greater.

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