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Six municipalities scored houses prices above 1 500 €/m2
House prices statistics at local level
Six municipalities scored houses prices above 1 500 €/m2 - 3rd Quarter 2017
29 January 2018


In the third quarter of 2017 (last 12 months) the median price of dwellings sales in Portugal was 912 euros per square meter, +1.8% compared to the second quarter of 2017. Compared to the previous quarter, the municipality of Lisboa, keep the highest house prices of the country (2 315 €/m2). The municipalities of Cascais (1 893 €/m2), Loulé (1 704 €/m2), Lagos (1 619 €/m2), Oeiras (1 572 €/m2) and Albufeira (1 524 €/m2) also scored values above 1 500 €/m2.
The NUTS III sub-regions Área Metropolitana de Lisboa, Algarve and Região Autónoma da Madeira scored median house prices above the national value and also house prices higher than the national value in the four typologies of housing unit considered. 


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