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Live perfomances: 43% increase in ticket office receipts and 19% in spectators
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Live perfomances: 43% increase in ticket office receipts and 19% in spectators - 2016
12 December 2017


Live performances recorded an increase of 42.6% in ticket office receipts reaching to €85 million. Spectator’s number increased 18.8%, 14.8 million spectators in total.
Museums registered 15.5 million visitors, 1.9 million more than in 2015, a 13.7% increase. Foreign visitors were the main cause of the increase in total visitors with 6.7 million, closer to 1.5 million more visitors than the previous year.
Newspapers and Magazines, and other periodical publications lost 28.0% in total circulation and 17.6% in total copies sold.
Cinema’s spectators total number was close to 15 million (14.9 million) and box office receipts reached €77.2 million, representing close to 3% more than the previous year for both categories.
Resident population’s cultural participation:
• 67.2% watched a live performance;
• 55.0% read newspapers or magazines, either in print or on the internet;
• 46.4% visited a cultural site;
• 45.6% went to the cinema at least once;
• 38.8% read a book as leisure time activity.
Household average expenditure in “Culture and Recreation” was 845 Euros, representing 4.2% of the total average consumer expenditure.
In 2016, the employed population in the cultural and creative sector was 81.7 thousand individuals, less 4.1% than in the previous year. This population continued to be younger and with a higher education level than the one in the total economy.
Turnover of enterprises engaging in cultural and creative activities reached €4.7 billion in 2015, 5.1% more if compared to 2014. In 2015 there were 52 827 enterprises, representing an increase of 2 156 enterprises when compared with 2014.  
Cultural goods trade balance recorded a €116.4 million deficit: exports amounted to €39.5 million (30.5% decrease), while imports were over €155.9 million (4.3% more).
Local government expenditure in cultural and creative activities rose to €385.7 million, 1.7% less when compared to 2015.

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