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Men may expect to live 77.61 years and women 83.33 years
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Men may expect to live 77.61 years and women 83.33 years
27 September 2017


Life expectancy at birth for Portugal was estimated at 80.62 years for total population in the period 2014-2016, i.e. 77.61 years for men and 83.33 years for women, which accounted for a gain of 1.44 and 1.14 years respectively, in comparison with the values estimated for 2008-2010.
At birth, life expectancy continues to be higher for women, but the difference for men has been declining and is now 5.72 years (compared to 6.02 in 2008-2010).
By regions NUTS 2, the Norte recorded the highest values of life expectancy at birth for total population (80.99 years) e for men (78.07 years). The highest life expectancy for women was recorded in the Centro region (83,66 years).
By sub-regions NUTS 3, the highest life expectancies at birth were recorded in Cávado (81.45 years), Região de Coimbra (81.25 years) and Região de Leiria (81.24 years).
The greatest differences in longevity between men and women were observed in the Região Autónoma da Madeira e Região Autónoma dos Açores, where women can expect to live on average, respectively, over 7.45 years and 7.03 years more than men.
Life expectancy at age 65 reached 19.31 years for total population.
Men aged 65 may expect to live on average 17.44 years more and women 20.73 years more, which accounted for gains of 0.70 for both vis-à-vis 2008-2010.
Norte and Algarve - among the 7 NUTS 2 regions – recorded the highest values of life expectancy at age 65 for men (17.70) and women (21.04), respectively.
By sub-regions NUTS 3, Região de Leiria (20.03 years), Médio Tejo (19.95 years) and Região de Coimbra (19.93 years) recorded the highest longevity at age 65.

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