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Easter boosts results in tourism accommodation
Tourist activities
Easter boosts results in tourism accommodation - April 2017
14 June 2017


Hotel establishments recorded 1.9 million guests and 5.1 million overnight stays in April 2017, figures that relate to year-on-year change rates of 20.2% and 23.2% (0.2% and -1.0% in March 2017, respectively). Overnight stays of the internal market increased by 26.3% (-11.4% in March) while those from non residents went up by 22.1% (3.3% in March).
The average stay (2.70 nights) grew by 2.5% and the net bed occupancy rate (53.8%) increased by 8.9 p.p.
Revenue accelerated markedly and recorded steep increases. Total revenue increased by 29.1% (9.2% in the preceding month), having reached EUR 267.1 million. Revenue from accommodation accounted for EUR 192.6 million and increased by 32.3% (8.3% in March).
These results were influenced by the calendar effect associated to the Easter period celebrated in April 2017 while it occurred in March in 2016.

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