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About 19 million medical appointments in the outpatient unit of hospitals
World Health Day - 7 April
About 19 million medical appointments in the outpatient unit of hospitals - 2005 - 2015
06 April 2017


On the occasion of the World Health Day, on 7 April, Statistics Portugal presents health indicators for the 2005-2015 period.

Main developments in 2015:
Private hospitals kept expanding from 91 in 2005 to 111 in 2015;
Admissions in emergency services of private hospitals increased (+14.5% compared to 2014);
Beds available for hospitalization in private hospitals continued to increase (880 beds in plus vis-à-vis 2014, accounting for an increase of 8.5%);
Almost 3/4 of the surgeries were performed in public or public-private partnership hospitals, which account for more than 660 thousand surgeries in a total of 910 thousand surgeries;
The increasing trend in medical appointments in the outpatient unit remained, especially in private hospitals (in plus, 500 thousand medical appointments vis-à-vis 2014, accounting for an increase of 9.5%);
Complementary acts of diagnosis performed in private hospitals declined (-7.4% in 2015 compared to 2014), but the number of complementary acts of therapeutics increased (+11.9% in 2015);
The number of doctors certified by the Portuguese Medical Association kept increasing (+3,7%), as well as the number of nurses certified by the Portuguese Nursing Association (+2,1%);
There were 84,584 birth deliveries, almost 3 thousand more than in the previous year, of which 1478 multiple births;
Deaths caused by diseases of the circulatory system increased (+0.5% vis-à-vis 2014), as well as those caused by malignant tumours (+1.6%);
Deaths from HIV/AIDS declined (from 419 in 2014 to 392 in 2015), continuing to affect mostly men (76.8%);
Between 2013 and 2015, more than half of current health expenditure was funded by the National Health Service and the Regional Health Services of the Autonomous Regions.


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