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Economic accounts for forestry
In 2014, the GVA of Forestry increased by 0.6% in value and decreased 2.1% in volume;In 2015 the balance of trade of forest products recorded a surplus of EUR 2.6 billion - 2014
29 June 2016


In 2014, the Gross Value Added (GVA) of Forestry increased 0.6% in value and decreased 2.1% in volume over the previous year. This evolution reflects an almost stable Output (+0.3%) and a slight decrease in Intermediate consumption (-0.5%) in nominal terms. This behavior in Output was mainly determined by the evolution of Cork production (+2.6%), since there was a decrease in pulp wood production (2.6%).
The balance of trade of forest products, which includes not only the materials that are on the perimeter of the Economic Accounts for Forestry, but also processed products from the forest, presented a surplus of 2.6 billion Euros in 2015. Cork products (which include stoppers, insulation materials, footwear, decorative items, etc.) were the most important group, with a trade surplus of 816.9 M€.

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