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Environmental status in Portugal broadly positive
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Environmental status in Portugal broadly positive - 2014
22 December 2015


Economic conditions in 2014, characterized by a modest increase in GDP of 0.9% in a context of a strong demographic ageing, still do not exercise significant pressure on the environment.
The status of natural resources like water and air has proven to be of good quality: in air quality index, 70.1% of the days monitored in 2014 showed very good or good values; in 2014 the number of days with tropospheric ozone concentrations never exceeded the target value and the Azores have reached the long-term target (2020). The percentage of public drinking water consumption controlled of good quality reached 98.4% and 73.4% of the observations made in inland waters and 95.1% for coastal bathing waters / transition classify the bodies of water between (good) and (excellent).
In the field of municipal waste there were no significant improvements, remained relatively high the landfill rate (49.0% in 2014), while the relative importance of selective waste reached only 13.6% of the total. In the energy sector, the contribution of renewable sources reached 25.1% and 61.4% of primary energy consumption and electricity production, respectively.
In Public Administration expenditure on environmental protection activities increased by 1.3% in 2014, but has kept its weight in GDP (0.6% of GDP) that is below the average of the UE28.

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