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Negative values of natural increase and of net migration attenuated - 2014
30 October 2015


In 2014 there was a decrease in the resident population, a trend observed since 2010 that was slowed down last year. The estimated population was 10 374 822 inhabitants, which represents a negative population growth of -52,479 and a crude rate of increase of -0.50%.
Although there was a decrease of 1.6% in the number of deaths (104,790) and a decrease of 0.5% in the number of live births (82,367), the natural increase remained negative in 2014 (-22,423).
The number of permanent emigrants (49,572) surpassed the number of permanent immigrants (19,516), resulting in a negative net migration of 30,056.
Of all permanent immigrants, 52% had Portuguese citizenship and 81% were aged between 15 and 64 years old (working- age group).
Of the total permanent emigrants, 96% had Portuguese citizenship and 93% were persons in working-age group.
The number of temporary emigrants (85,052) in 2014 continues to be higher than the number of permanent emigrants (49,572).

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