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Risk of Dying
Risk of dying
Risk of Dying - 2012
23 May 2014


The two main causes of death in 2012 were the diseases of the circulatory system, accounting for 30.4% of deaths registered in the country, and the malignant neoplasms, with 23.9%. The diseases of the circulatory system affected more women than men (77.9 male deaths per 100 female deaths), unlike malignant neoplasms which have been more frequent in the case of men (148.0 male deaths per 100 female deaths).
The diseases of the respiratory system and the diabetes mellitus caused 12.9% and 4.5% of deaths in 2012.
While deaths caused by external causes of injury and poisoning accounted for circa 4% of mortality in 2012, its impact was more frequent on younger people, representing on average 22.9 potential years of life lost. These causes also affected substantially more men than women (219.5 male deaths per 100 female deaths).

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