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Food Balance Sheet
Food Balance Sheet
Food Balance Sheet - 2008 - 2012
02 April 2014


Food Supply per capita reached in average 3 963 kcal between 2008 and 2012 (+2.1 % than in 2003-2008), which corresponds to the consumption needs of 1.6 to 2 adults, based on the average caloric intake recommended for an adult (2000-2500 kcal). However, the analysis of the five-year period 2008/2012 reveals two distinct periods: until 2010, a period of expansion characterized by high food and caloric availabilities and from 2010 onwards with marked reductions in food supply. The year 2012 has the lowest levels of food supply of beef for the last 10 years. It would also be necessary to go back 13 years to find a similar level of food supply for pig meat. For the first time since there is statistical data, poultry meat becomes the main source of meat available in Portugal. Similar trend was found with the supply of fruits, dairy and fish that show in 2012 minimums for the last 20, 9 and 8 years, respectively.
In 2012, the comparison between food supply per capita and the Portuguese Food Wheel shows distortions, pointing to an excess of “Meat, fish and eggs ", ” Oils and fats " and to a deficit of " Vegetables ", " Fruit " and " Pulses ".
The food supply for 2012 reflected a Mediterranean Adequacy Index of 1.10. Index values higher than 1 reveals a predominance of calories from typical Mediterranean products. Although with an upward trend since 2006, it remains however below the values achieved in the early 90s.

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