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Regional accounts
Regional accounts - 2011 / 2012
20 December 2013

In 2012, the national GDP in real terms registered a change rate of -3.2%. By NUTS II regions, the preliminary results shows that GDP declined more sharply than the national average in Autonomous Region of Madeira (-7.1%), in Centro (-4.0%), in Algarve (-3.5%) and in Alentejo (-3.4%). It should be highlighted the Norte region that presented the less significant decrease (-2.6%).
In 2011, the Gross Fixed Capital Formation for Portugal decreased 9.0%, mainly driven by the negative contribution of the regions of Lisboa (-3.2 percentage points, p.p.), Norte (-3.0p.p.) and Centro (-2.8p.p.), while Alentejo contributed positively (0.6p.p.). The Primary Income (PI) and Disposable Income (DI) of the households decreased, respectively, 0.7% and 1.4%, except for the region of Lisboa that presented increases of 0.5% in PI and 0.1% in DI.

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