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Floricultural and Ornamental Plants: A growing activity
Floricultural and ornamental plants
Floricultural and Ornamental Plants: A growing activity - 2012
07 May 2013

The information presented, based on the Floriculture and Ornamental Plants Survey 2012 conducted by Statistics Portugal following the last Farm Structure Survey, aims at filling a gap perceived by users, especially by the floriculture sector.
In 2012, there were 1010 holdings in Portugal producing floriculture crops (flowers and cut foliage and ornamental plants) in about 1 365 ha of total area, a third of which was covered by greenhouses. The flowers and cut foliage are mostly produced in the regions of Alentejo and Lisbon.  By municipalities, Odemira concentrates 30% of the total surface dedicated to the production of these crops, followed by Montijo and Alcochete, which together hold 20% of the total production area. Ornamental plants have higher expression in the Centre (30%) and the Algarve (20%) regions, although also in this case, Odemira is the municipality that concentrates the largest area (12%).
The floriculture production relies largely on non family labour force (78% of the total labour force), vis-a-vis the agricultural sector in general, where 80% is family labour force. The total value of exports of this sector is quite significant which is highlighted by the fact that 28% of the 2012 production was destined to foreign markets.

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