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Household budget survey
Households'housing expenditures increased - 2010/2011
20 June 2012

The household annual mean consumption expenditure was 20,391 euros in 2010/2011, according to the final results of the Inquérito às Despesas das Famílias 2010/2011. Housing, transport and food products accounted for 57% of the household annual mean consumption expenditure. The concentration in these classes of expenditure kept the pattern already observed in the previous decade, despite the increase of the weight of housing expenditures (19.8% in 2000 and 29.2% in 2010/2011) and the reduction of expenditures with food products (18.7% in 2000 and 13.3% in 2010/2011).
The average net total annual income by household was 23,811 euros in 2009, corresponding to a monetary income of 19,811 euros (80.6%) and a non monetary income of 4,910 euros (19.4%).
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