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Adult Education Survey 2007
Adult Education Survey
Adult Education Survey 2007 - 2007
26 November 2008

In 2007 about one third (30.9%) of Portuguese population aged between 18 and 64 participated in at least one whether formal or informal activity of learning. The proportion of individuals in this age group who attended some level of education or going to school equivalency (formal education) in the reference period was 12.0% and the proportion of those who attended non-formal education through private lessons or courses, distance learning courses, seminars / workshops or a support in a professional context was 23.1%.
About two fifths of individuals aged between 18 and 64 (40.8%) were involved, with the deliberate intention to learn, in some form of informal learning activity, developed in their everyday lives, related to the work, family, social life or leisure.
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