Mission of Statistics Portugal      
The mission of Statistics Portugal, IP is to produce and disseminate, in an effective, efficient and independent manner, high-quality official statistical information relevant for the whole society.
The Mission of Statistics Portugal is all the more demanding as its activities are subject to permanent evolution. Statistical information, as a mirror of reality, must remain relevant and therefore monitor constant changes in reality, identifying new needs and deciding what must be assessed at each moment in time.
Statistical operations follow internationally established patterns, intended to ensure their quality, and their results are disseminated simultaneously to the whole society.
Statistics Portugal delegates in other national entities the production of some official statistics, but ensuring nonetheless the methodological coordination and production quality, as well as its dissemination.
Vision is the guideline for the development of an organisation, establishing the goals to be achieved.
Vision of Statistics Portugal
Statistics Portugal is acknowledged at an internal and external level as a reference statistical institution:
- as a producer and provider of high-quality official statistical information;
- as an independent and reliable organisation;
- as an entity stimulating statistical literacy in society;
- as a committed and efficient entityininternational cooperation.
In order for an organisation to fulfil its Mission and accomplish its Vision, it is essential that its professionals share Values that reflect collective thinking and acting.
Values of Statistics Portugal
Statistics Portugal’s activities and its staff, in accordance with the European Statistics Code of Practice, are subject to the following Values
- Professionalism, ethics and observance of confidentiality;
- Technical independence, objectivity and impartiality;
- Commitment to Quality;
- Customer-driven orientation and capacity to anticipate future customer needs;
- Efficacy and efficiency in Action;
- Respect for primary data providers;
- Creativity and innovation in terms of procedures, products and services;
- High motivation and strong focus on the acquisition of new skills.
Statistics Portugal Quality Charter (4rd edition, 2014) establishes the public commitment on quality associated to the production and dissemination of official statistics as well as to the various services provided both to respondents and users of statistical information. The Quality Charter also states Statistics Portugal Mission, Vision and Values, dully aligned with the European Statistics Code of Practice.
Quality Charter
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