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Mission of Statistics Portugal
In accordance with the strategic documents which are the basis of the statistical activity at national and European level, Statistics Portugal assumes as its Mission statement (rooted in the current Mission and in the assignment established in its Organic Law) a more focused writing that allows a better understanding of the path it has chosen as the central statistical authority.
The Mission of Statistics Portugal is to produce, in an independent manner, high-quality official statistical information, relevant for the society, while promoting the coordination, the analysis, the innovation and the dissemination of the national statistical activity and ensuring integrated data storage.
The Mission of Statistics Portugal is a demanding one, being its activity subject to permanent evolution and under public scrutiny. In order to remain relevant, statistical information must cope with the constant changes that society faces, identify new needs and make options whose impact on information providers and users must be measured all the time.
Every statistical operation is carried out according to technical-scientific methodologies and internationally established standards to assure its quality. The resulting statistics must be made available simultaneously to the entire society.
Statistics Portugal delegates power to other national entities for the production of some official statistics, guaranteeing methodological coordination, quality of statistics, as well as their dissemination.
Vision is the guideline for the development of an organization which establishes the goals to be achieved.
Vision of Statistics Portugal
Statistics Portugal is recognized as an independent and trustworthy statistical authority, which develops methodological advanced statistical processes, resorts to technological innovation, and data science, and integrates multiple sources for statistical purposes. With all due respect to citizens and entities confidentiality, it delivers valuable statistics to society for better knowledge, research and decision-making.
For an organization to fulfill its Mission and accomplish its Vision, it is essential that its professionals share Values that reflect collective thinking and acting.
Values of Statistics Portugal
Following the European Statistics Code of Practice, Statistics Portugal is committed to the following Values:
- Professionalism, ethics and respect for confidentiality;
- Technical independence, objectivity and impartiality;
- New skills and human resources enhancement;
- Commitment to quality;
- Creativity, innovation and continuous improvement of processes;
- Respect for data sources owners;
- Successful partnerships with external entities;
- Satisfaction of different statistical needs.
Statistics Portugal´s (SP) Quality Charter establishes the public commitment SP assumes in relation to the quality of the official statistics it produces and disseminates and to the services it provides, making it clear for both respondents and users of statistical information, in consideration to the Mission, Vision and Values by which it guides its activity.
Statistics Portugal Quality Charter
You may consult the Quality Charter here