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Benchmark year 2006 (ESA 95)
The Portuguese National Accounts, published in this page, have 2006 as the benchmark year and the European System of National Accounts (ESA 95) as the methodological reference manual.
In September 2014, Statistics Portugal ceased producing National Accounts with 2006 as benchmark year, as it has started to produce a new series of National Accounts, with benchmark year 2011 (ESA 2010). Therefore, the information available in this page has an historical character and does not correspond to the current version of the National Accounts.
To access to the latest information of the National Accounts, in ESA 2010, use this link.
Consult an explanatory document on the calculation of GDP in ESA 95 (only available in Portuguese): “Como se calcula o PIB”.

A - Main Aggregates   D - Regional Accounts
  A.0 Main Economic Indicators     D.1 Main indicators
  A.1 Gross Domestic Product and Components     D.2 Tables by Industry
  A.2 Income, Saving and Net Lending/Borrowing     D.3 Households Accounts
  A.3 External Balance      
  A.4 Employment      
  A.5 Goods and Services Account    
B - Institutional Sectors   E - Satellite Accounts
  B.1 Total Economy     E.1 Economic Accounts for Agriculture
  B.2 Non Financial Corporations     E.2 Economic Accounts for Forestry
  B.3 Financial Corporations     E.3 Economic Accounts for Fisheries
  B.4 General Government     E.4 Health Satellite Account
  B.5 Households     E.5 Tourism Satellite Account
  B.6 Non-Profit Institutions Serving Households     E.6 Environmental Accounts
  B.7 Rest of the World     E.7 Non-profit Institutions Satellite Account
        E.8 Social Economy Satellite Account and Volunteer Work
C - Tables by Industry   F - International Comparisons
  C.1 Main Aggregates - Production Side      
  C.2 Main Aggregates - Income Side      
  C.3 Gross Fixed Capital Formation      
  C.4 Employment    
  C.5 Supply-Use Table    
  C.6 Input-Output Tables