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Benchmark year 2016 (ESA 2010)
In this section Statistics Portugal presents the new series of National Accounts, with 2016 as benchmark year. The European System of National and Regional Accounts (ESA 2010) is the methodological reference manual for the production of National Accounts, which establishes a consistent, systematic and detailed methodology, ensuring international comparability of the results. All methodological information can be obtained in this link.

Consult an explanatory document on the calculation of GDP in ESA 2010 (only available in Portuguese): “Como se calcula o PIB”.

The implementation process of the 2016 benchmark year will necessarily span throughout a long period mainly due to the publication of satellite accounts, according to the new base of the Portuguese National Accounts, which will occur in a later stage. Therefore, in order to avoid missing information, the National Accounts data from the two previous benchmark revisions will continue available.

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