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People - 2018
A pocket book containing statistical data organized in the following areas: Population, Education, Culture and sports, Health, Labour market, Social protection and income and Living conditions. ...

Issue year: 2020

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Statistical Yearbook of Portugal - 2018
The Statistical Yearbook of Portugal (SYB 2018) presents an overall review intended to provide an all-encompassing view of the country, in terms of social, economic and demographic features in 2018. This 110th edition keeps the structure of 28 sub-chapters grouped into four major themes: Territory, ...

Issue year: 2019

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Cultural employment (No.) by Sex; Annual 01-06-2020 Portugal
Cultural employment (No.) by Highest completed level of education; Annual 01-06-2020 Portugal
Cultural employment (No.) by Age group; Annual 01-06-2020 Portugal
Mean rate of monthly salary full-time employees in construction enterprises (€) by Geographic localization (Continent) and Occupation (CPP); Quarterly 29-05-2020 Mainland
Index of gross wages and salaries in retail trade - non adjusted (Month-on-month growth rate - Base 2015 - %) by Retail trade group (ACR); Monthly 29-05-2020 Portugal