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Estágios no âmbito do programa IPA

Traineeships under the IPA programme

A equipa informática do INE foi bastante profissional e

prestável e gostaria de aproveitar esta oportunidade para

lhes agradecer a ajuda, apoio e hospitalidade ao longo deste

estágio. Mesmo quando as dúvidas não diziam diretamente

respeito ao meu trabalho, sempre me deram a sua máxima

atenção e apoio.

Para além do trabalho, a equipa do INE sempre foi muito

atenciosa, ajudando-me a aproveitar o meu pouco tempo

disponível para visitar o país e aprendermais sobre a cultura


No final, posso dizer que estou um pouco triste por deixar o

INE e Lisboa, mas tambémestoumuito satisfeito por ter tido

a oportunidade de conhecer e trabalhar com estas pessoas


Os Portugueses, o INE, Lisboa e Portugal vão estar sempre


Estou extremamente grato por me terem dado a

oportunidade de ficar mais do que 3 meses num estágio no

INE em Lisboa. Em tudo, sempre tive o apoio incondicional

do departamento informático do INE.

Amer Koric

Instituto de Estatística da Bósnia e Herzegovina

Institute for Statistics of FB&H

When I received the information that I have been chosen for

a traineeship at INE (Instituto Nacional de Estatística) in

Portugal, I was very excited. My opinion about INE was

on a

very high level and now, after more than 3 months, I can say

thatmy opinion is confirmed.

The first days I spent at INE showed me that my traineeship

period would be excellent for me either in my professional

development or bymeeting newpeople and a newculture.

I am glad to have had the opportunity to meet IT staff of INE

and, in particular, I would like to expressmy appreciation toMs.

Maria José Borralho for her enthusiasm and patience in the

discussion, as well as toMr. Hugo Reis for his helpful advice and

to other teammembers for their technical advice.

Under the supervision of my mentor, Ms. Maria José Borralho,

the traineeship has become exciting and useful for my future

work in different areas of database administration and shell

scripting. This visit has provided me with fresh incentive and

encouragement formy futurework.

Also, the whole IT team from INE was really very professional

and kind and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them

all for the help, support and hospitality they have provided me.

Even if my questions were not strict related to my tasks and my

work, they supported me all the time and helped how much as

they could.

Beyond the working arrangements, INE staff was very

attentive by helpingme tomake the best use of our limited time

to see the country and learn more about the Portuguese


At the end, I can say that I am a little bit sad because I leave INE

and Lisbon, but I also can say that I am very happy because I

have had the opportunity tomeet andworkwith thiswonderful


Portuguese people, INE, Lisbon and Portugal will always be

part ofme.

I am extremely grateful for having given me the opportunity to

stay more than 3 months in a traineeship in your Institute in


In all, I had the wholehearted support of staff from IT

department of INE.