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International Organisations

Statistics Portugal is an active member of several international organisations and cooperates with many of them on a regularly basis, both by attending the main statistical meetings and by regularly sending statistical information in response to international questionnaires and other exchange of experiences.
It stands out for its importance the participation of Statistics Portugal in some meetings of the United Nations, including the plenary session of the UN Statistical Commission and the Conference of European Statisticians of the UN Economic Commission for Europe, as well as the participation in meetings of theOECD, particularly in the Statistics Committee. Monitoring the work of these organisations assumes importance within the production and dissemination of national official statistics according to international standards agreed in the framework of these organisations.
Within the United Nations, Statistics Portugal also participates in major international conferences on population and in their relevant evaluations, in particular in the Population and Development and Generations and Gender programmes.
In addition to the participation in meetings, collaboration with international organisations also includes the regular submission of statistical information in response to questionnaires or other requests from organisations of which Portugal is a member.
It is also worth noting the early participation of Portugal in the SDDS (Special Data Dissemination Standard) of the IMF, fulfilling the requirements demanded by this international body in the dissemination of key economic and financial statistics.