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Statistical Yearbook of Portugal - 2008
Issue year: 2009

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The Statistical Yearbook of Portugal 2008 (SYB 2008) comprises 28 sub-chapters broken down into 4 major subject areas — Territory, People, Economic activity and State.

With a view to offering, in every issue, an improved publication that is tailored to the needs of target users, the contents of the SYB 2008 have been enhanced in some areas, with special reference to the chapters Enterprises, in which new tables were introduced, and Labour market, integrating a set of tables organised according to the new Classification of Economic Activities (NACE Rev. 2).

Introducing the different sub-chapters, the SYB 2008 continues to present an overall comprehensive review, substantiated in the data published in this issue. This framework summary is intended to provide readers/users an all-encompassing view of the national reality, in terms of social, economic and demographic features in 2008.
Each sub-chapter starts with a thematic analysis based on the evolution of the main indicators, and is illustrated by charts allowing for immediate and visually informed understanding. Each sub-chapter presents, at the end, technical information containing the formulae for calculating indicators, as well as the classifications adopted.

The SYB 2008 includes a CD-ROM with a PDF file corresponding to the hard copy of the publication, as well as statistical tables in EXCEL format, including extended time series (1990-2008).

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