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Census - 2021
Issue year: 2022


Statistics Portugal disseminates the final results of the  - Census 2021 - XVI Population Census. VI Housing Census - , conducted during the first semester of 2021.

This edition presents an analysis of the principal results of the Census 2021 by means of a comparable synthesis, whenever possible, with the last census results (2011). This aims providing a global insight of the most important demographic, socioeconomic and housing characteristics, and their evolution over the last decade. The publication is organized in three thematic areas: population, private households and families, and housing.

Statistics Portugal official statistics website provides a specific area fully dedicated to the Census 2021 final results, with various possibilities, namely: a large number of statistics indicators at the level of parish disaggregation; a visualization platform for the main results of the Census 2021; and a geographic product that enables the territorial analysis of the Census data.

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