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Fishery Statistics - 2022
Issue year: 2023


The Fishery Statistics- 2022 edition is organized in nine chapters, each one including a brief analysis of results and the data tables.

This publication joins the Fisherman’s national day (May 31th), providing an overview of the fisheries in Portugal, as well as for some branches of national economy related to this sector. It includes data related to the landings of fresh and chilled fishery products by ports, species and NUTS II, market and structures, the fishery activity, the number of fishery workers, the fish and aquaculture processing industry, the international trade and fish stocks.

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Instituto Nacional de Estatística - Estatísticas da Pesca : 2022. Lisboa : INE, 2023. Available at www: <url:>. ISSN 0377-225-X. ISBN 978-989-25-0643-2