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Fishery Statistics - 2006
Issue year: 2007

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The purpose of this publication is to give an overview of the fisheries for the year 2006, as well as for some branches of national economy related to this sector. Basic results an findings related to the landings of fresh and chilled fishery products by ports, species and NUTS II, market and structures, the fishery activity, the number of fishery workers, the fish and aquaculture processing industry, the international trade and fish stocks are disseminated to users through 60 tables. The structure of this publication enables an easier approach to the statistical data, including a brief analysis of the several themes. Focusing on the user’s needs, we also include a new chapter concerning biodiversity and sustained development.
The most important results of year 2006, comparing with 2005, show: a decrease of fresh and chilled fishery products landings in Mainland ports; a decrease of 600 fishing vessels; a decrease of the number of registered fisher for the second year in a row; a decrease of about 7% in the Gross Value Added of the Fishery Industry. That this sector is highly dependent from imports, showing a rate of coverage of 37%. Only “canned fish” showed a positive balance of the international trade and an increase of 20% on industrial production of “dried and salted fish”.

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