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Community Innovation Survey - 2020
Issue year: 2022


The Directorate General for Education and Science Statistics (DGEEC) and Statistics Portugal (INE) disseminate information on business innovation, based on data collected in the Community Innovation Survey (CIS), with 2018-2020 as reference period.

The CIS, with biennial frequency, aims to produce and update statistical indicators on innovation in enterprises through a harmonized survey at European level, which allows international comparison of data, as well as responding to national and international commitments for the collection, treatment and dissemination of official data of Science and Technology statistics, namely the commitments made to Eurostat for the production of statistics on Innovation.

Compared to the previous edition of CIS, the survey maintains the definition of business innovation with a focus on the to two main types: the product innovation and the process innovation.

A product innovation is a new or improved good or service that differs significantly from the enterprise’s previous goods or services and that has been introduced on the market.

A process innovation is a new or improved business process for one or more business functions that differs significantly from the enterprise’s previous business processes and that has been brought into use by the enterprise.

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